Russian Voice-over


Greetings to my customers and colleagues!

My name is Natalia Aleynikova, and I am a Russian voice talent.

Being a linguist by education, I have never stopped dreaming about acting career. In 2010 my dream almost came true — I recorded my first audio for a navigation system. Since then I have been constantly improving my voice-over skills: I visit local actors’ master classes, attend scenic speech classes, read professional blogs of famous voice talents, and train myself every single day.

Now I can safe say that  I am a professional voice talent with a very versatile low-pitched voice and accentless Russian pronunciation. 

My spheres of specialization:

  • E-learning
  • IVRS
  • Navigation systems
  • Business presentations
  • Explainer video voice-over
  • Commercials
  • Audio books

Depending on my customers’ requirements I use either my own professional equipment, software, and a noise-proof booth or rent a professional audio recording studio.

My latest ongoing projects: — completed more than 650 videos with tips for parents already. The project is still in progress.

Microsoft Products — support videos on Office 365 and some other Microsoft products for home and business.

Icon plc — regular projects for pharmaceutical IVRS since 2014 till present time.

Whatever you need to record — audio instructions or training programs, audio books or business presentations, adverts or audio greetings — my voice will help to reach your goals!

Please check some of my demos and email or call me in case of any questions or requests.

Let your business sound beautiful!


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