The greatest emotional reward is when a client is happy with your work and says ‘Thank you’.

We are glad to post here kind words from our regular customers.

“Natalia’s great to work with. Her Russian translation work is high quality and she is always there when we need her.” Simon Luckhurst, Whisper Audio Ltd., Voicetalentonline.com

“Natalia’s voice has become a favourite one in hundreds of our 1-minute videos for all parents. We appreciate her professional work and ontime delivery. It’s always a pleasure working with a person sincerely interested in the project.” Eugene Andreev, Head of Translation at Babystep.tv

“We have chosen Aleyna Voice & Translation for working under scripts translation. This kind of work always requires excellent writing skills and scrupulous attitude to the timing. The result was perfect! Moreover the company’s manager is always ready to discuss comments of a client and make all necessary corrections. Our clients and we are delighted with their professionalism and would definitely work with Aleyna V&T again.” Susan Luckhurst, General Manager at Manor Translation

“Natalia is a serious person, excellent technical translator with the great responsibility for the end result.” Marina Snoek, Owner at A-Linea Translation and Interpreting Services

“Natalia is an excellent translator with great professional attitude. She has provided various translation service to Datasource International, covering several aspects including but not limited to retail, toys, etc. She is a lovely person to work with and is always reliable and responsive.” Chloe Fu, Deputy Translation Manager at Sotheby’s

“Our cooperation with Natalia and Konstantin started from a small translation of a tourist brochure. We were satisfied with the work and they became our permanent vendors. Translation of legal documentation, marketing texts and tourist guides – all that is now within responsibility of Aleyna Voice & Translation.” Ella Shmidt, Manager at Alistours

“My experience of working with Aleyna Voice & Translation was a significant oil project. I was looking for a dependable vendor who would have accurately followed all my instructions. Aleyna became exactly what I needed. I’m sure that I’ve made the right choice.” Nargiz Nadirova, Managing Director at Consolidated Business Management

“Natalia is a professional translator with great attitude. She is a responsible and responsive translator with quick turnaround time. She is also a very friendly translator so it has always been a pleasure to work with Natalia.” Amanda Wong, Marketing Director at OneSky Inc.

You may find more feedback on our Proz.com pages: Natalia, Konstantin.

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