Translation Services

Turn your original into beautiful Russian translation!

We do not just change the original language structures into the same of the target language. Professional translation is more than that:

  • We reproduce stylistic features of the original text’s message.
  • We create texts in excellent Russian rigorously checking them for any mistakes.
  • We make target texts easily readable even when the original is not much to boast of.
  • You get the output which meets all requirements of your business: it is customized for your specific audience and it has impeccable quality.

In search of a high-quality Russian translation, localization or proofreading? Get all range of linguistic and cocurrent services in one place!

Aleyna Voice & Translation: individual spheres of expertise — common system of quality control.


English and French into Russian translator

  • Marketing and PR
  • Technical Translation (manuals for home appliances and electronics)
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Business (corporate policies, trainings for managers and other employees)
  • Traveling (brochures, leaflets, advertising materials)

English into Russian translator

  • Economics and Finance
  • Highly Technical Translation (heavy machinery, industrial engineering, construction)
  • IT and Software Localization
  • Mobile Apps and Online Games
  • Legal Translation (contracts, terms and conditions, warranties)
  • AutoCAD Drawings

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