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7 Reasons to Love Being Freelance

children-593313_1920Last month brought many positive things to my life. While June was extremely busy and became a  champion among all 75 months of our business existence, July was quite slow and left enough time for summer rest and family weekends. Nevertheless it brought enough projects for building-up sound month earnings. This is great to feel that you can be confident about your finance even during slow periods.

Now — when I am torn between closing all projects and packing bags for tomorrow flight to the sea — a good idea has occurred to me. I decided to write a post before going to vacations. It is not about any mistakes that taught me something and it is not about some tricks or wisdom which could help in our profession. I want to say a few words about happiness of being freelance. Yes, so easy! I realized that I am really happy and I want to put this happiness into words and to discuss it with you. Continue reading 7 Reasons to Love Being Freelance

Freelance and Kids at Home. Do They Match?

cNXqMdt2ii4This week is really crazy for me. Our 3-year old son Leonard caught some incredibly infective virus, so that all family members had the disease in these 5 days. The only encouraging thing is that the acute period is rather short. Still this little madcap has to stay at home during the week, and it’s getting extremely hard to concentrate on anything serious when the house is full of loud sounds and you are constantly asked to do something: “mom, warm some food”, “mom, open the door”, “mom, wash my hands”, “mom, play with me, pleeeease”.

Continue reading Freelance and Kids at Home. Do They Match?