Regular Follow-Ups: They Pay Off

at-706903_1280Sometimes you may get the impression that you regularly contact with your pool of customers and there is no way they can forget about you. However this impression is illusive. Your client is most probably a very busy person and he/she can easily confuse you with another freelancer.

When I am not too busy with projects I spend some time looking through the list of my clients and send them small reminders about myself: I may ask them to leave me a feedback or I inform about my new services or send them my vacation dates, etc.

A few days ago I’ve got one more prove that follow-up letters are extremely important in freelance. I contacted one of my best clients with the feedback request. Guess what… He was very surprised to hear from me and wondered if I was still freelancing. I don’t know why but he thought I entered some in-house job and did not accept freelance projects anymore. It sounded very strange to me, but it appeared to be the reason for the company’s silence for the last 4 months! In less than 12 hours they sent me a new interesting project. Isn’t that a good motivation for follow-up emails?

This situation showed me clearly that follow-up is not just another marketing tool with some remote prospects but it can quickly actuate a new loop of your business relationships with some of your clients. If you are an active blogger, it is even easier to remind your customers about yourself. You can offer subscription to your newsletters, so that your current and potential customers as well as colleagues stay tuned and cannot forget about you and your services. Nevertheless, even if you do not blog yet (although it is strongly recommended), you may always find a reason to touch with your client and revive your business relations.

One more thing I would like to highlight — the content of your emails. Be sweet and brief. Always. Do not send too long emails: nobody likes them. Three-four sentences are enough in most cases. Start your email with polite greeting and “how-are-you-doing” message. Then represent the reason of your letter (e.g. I am happy to inform you that now I possess my personal well-equipped recording studio, so I am able to deliver your voice-over projects quicker than ever.) and express a hope for future fruitful cooperation. You may build some links into your message: this would help the client to get a broader picture of your offer and services. If your message is brief, sweet, and intensive, it is much more likely to be noticed by an addressee. And who knows, may be it will lead to drastic changes in your career.

So next time in minutes of procrastination think about potential projects which may easily become yours if you just say hi to one of your forgotten clients.

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