Freelancers Can Work Anywhere. No!

IMG_20190731_161058The beauty of freelance is that you can always find some time for your nearest and dearest even in the middle of the week. For example, you can go to the country retreat for your sister’s birthday and even make a cake for her.

And there surely should come some BUT… Funny but the minus of freelance is absolutely the same! My parents think that we should take off running to help them plant potatoes at any day of the week. Or even better: “Please come and live here with us for several days! You surely can work anywhere you like!». Well… You look at them and don’t even know what to say, so that not to offend.

Yes, it is indeed possible to work outside home. But! We try to do it only when really requested, because in real life it creates a lot of inconveniences:

  • you don’t have this familiar beloved working place with your cherished creative mess on the desk;
  • you have to take a laptop with you (at home we prefer PC);
  • you need to accumulate all necessary programs and files;
  • when you’re not at home, you don’t have your personal space, which means that you are constantly disturbed and distracted; hence
  • working progress is very slow and inefficient: you spend more time, the result is not so good, you get more tired by the end.


The only exception when my husband and I are ready to work somewhere for several days in a row is our vacations! Yes, we do work during vacations. We try to lessen the load, but we cannot afford to vanish totally for some prolonged time. Anyway, you know all these Murphy’s Laws: once you decide to lay your business aside, the best project in your life appears on the horizon… and flows away to another freelancer. And it’s so bitter to regret a missed opportunity.

“How can you even call it vacations?” — someone may ask. Easily! Thanks to freelance we can choose best time for traveling when prices are rather low and we can afford more days somewhere near the sea. For example, we rent an apartment somewhere in Spain for a whole month! Most office workers are happy when they have 10-12 days. During 30 days we have enough time to travel, see attractions, enjoy sun and sea, and to work! Perhaps you’ll be surprised but work fits quite nice in this rythm of rest.

And yet, all these pictures with a laptop, mochito, and seaside nearby is a total lie! It’s absolutely impossible to work in such “horrible” conditions. And there are at least 2 reasons for this:

  1. display flares,
  2. laziness.

And it is all normal. The sea is for swimming! Finally you can always spend some time with your laptop in your cosy bed, in a nice hotel room during 2-3 hours of siesta. It will even be a pleasure. If you love your job, of course.


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